Alexandros Pappas

alexander pappas

romanitc in classical style music,for ensembles,solo or orchestra.

Good day al frends here,

i have a selection of classical type of music scores,Compostitons,wich i like to present here.sum are for ensembles,or piano solos.many of them have a ballet style feeling,romantic the most of them or also like a medieval-baroque style.Al are my compos.sum was already played by solioist or smal orchestras in the world(Brazil,Italy,USA,France,Greece)

i was awarted sum times in competitions (fundulis-volos greece inter.competition,2008,2009,2010,2011.Al scores are free/IF YOU PLAY THEM

IN PUBLIC JUST INFORM MEE PLEESE FOR MY PLESURE AND FILES.Al i am happy also for commnets good or bud/Good make mee happy and the bud ones mak mee work better.Thank you for listening

Latest sheet music
Prayer for Peace
Religious / Worship
Religious / Worship
Classical / Contemporary
Bird Singing on a Tree
Classical / Piece
The Song of the Small Girl
Classical / Romance
Romantic Song
Classical / Romance
Classical / March
Classical / Piece
The toys march
Classical / Piece
The See
Classical / Symphonic music